We began this month talking about No Call/No Show employees. Now that you know what you need to do in terms of a policy, it can also be helpful to understand how to handle it on a personal level. When you have an employee who doesn’t call and doesn’t show up to work, what do you do when you next see them. Even enforcing the policies isn’t always cut and dry. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep Your Anger in Check

It can be incredibly frustrating, particularly with repeat offenders, to have the conversation repeatedly about attendance. But no matter how angry you are, you must keep your anger in check. Angry outbursts abuse the power dynamic in a relationship between boss and employee. Maintain a level head.

Find a Solution

Even if your policy is standardized, your solutions may be individual. Maybe you need to readdress how you’re scheduling this employee or take a look at your scheduling process to ensure that everyone has fair access to shifts. Talk to the employee to find out if there are adjustments you could make to improve the situation.

Wellness Check

If an employee doesn’t show up to work, whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, call them to make sure everything’s okay. It’s vital that you continue to show your team that you value their humanity even if you’re frustrated by their behavior.

On-Call Employees

Probably the biggest issue with no call/no show employees is the lack of coverage in your workplace. You can create a list of employees willing to come in for a shift at the last minute and begin contacting them to cover. Employees can sign up for this list voluntarily, and no one gets penalized for not participating.

Require Documentation

If an employee gives an excuse for their unexplained and unreported absence, you can require documentation. Most often, this comes in the form of a doctor’s note. If your employees cannot produce this information, there should be consequences laid out in your attendance policy.

Contact a Staffing Partner Like Meador

If coverage issues arise from no-call/no-show employees, you should also connect with a local staffing agency to help fill in the gaps. Staffing providers can place people on-site at the last minute to help with coverage issues. They will have prescreened and selected these employees to be able to send on assignment.

Do you want to avoid issues with No Call/No Show employees?

If you find yourself short-staffed due to a no-call/no-show employee, contact Meador Staffing to keep your business running smoothly.