Job searches don’t always follow an exact road map. Company processes can often interfere with what should be smooth sailing. Sometimes, a company identifies the need for a new employee and goes through with interviewing only to discover a barrier to hiring is in their way, such as a budget issue or hiring freeze. It’s understandable that when you hear the dreaded “the job is on hold” phrase from your contact, you are frustrated with the entire process, but it doesn’t mean the company was trying to string you along. Here are a few things you can do and avoid, if your job offer was put on hold.

Maintain Contact via Email

Phone calls feel like the best way to connect with the decision-maker, but they can be viewed as overwhelming for the person in charge. The hiring manager is likely under a lot of pressure. A pressure that could be resolved by bringing a new employee on board, but their hands are tied. By emailing your contact, you allow them to reply at their own pace. It’s okay to ask why the job was put on hold and a timeframe to process again.

Include New Information

In your email, let your contact know you want to check and see if any changes have been made. But you can also add new information from your end that may help them push the decision through to management. For example, you can talk to them about your job search status or any new credentials that encourage them to push the hire through the proper channels.

Don’t Stop Your Job Search

Probably the biggest mistake people make when a job has been put on hold is waiting for an answer. You can’t put your job search on hold just because your dream job may be available. If you lose your momentum, you may find yourself more frustrated and still out of work. You can’t always bank on what will happen at the company, so keep looking for other opportunities. Give yourself a time frame and email the company one last time to determine the status, but keep looking in the meantime.

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